What Team is Right for You?

Woodland has plenty to pick from

show team1


Jr. Show Team is for riders that are new to the world of showing.  This team goes to the Columbia Horse Center Hunter/Jumper Schooling Shows.   You will need to be confident at the walk, trot and working on your canter in your regular lessons.  See Coaches Katy and Ashley if you are interested.

Show Team is for more experienced riders and this team goes to the Columbia Horse Center Hunter/Jumper Schooling Shows too.  You will need to be comfortable walk, trot, cater and confidently jumping courses for 8 jumps with the height in the neighborhood of two feet.

Here is the link to Columbia’s complete info   https://www.columbiahorsecenter.com/shows.html

We also go to Frying Pan Park in Virginia Check them out at https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/equestrian/

Jr. Event Team is for those who have been showing and are ready for even more excitement.  Three Day Eventing includes Dressage, Cross Country Jumping and Stadium Jumping.  It’s a blast!  See Ashley for more!!

Jr.  Dressage Team is for our younger riders interested in Dressage.  We always start at the very beginning of the training pyramid so don’t worry if you are only a walk, trot rider.  There is always a place for you especially if jumping in not your “thing”.  We participate in the PVDA competitions.  More info at   http://www.pvda.org

young riders1

Saddle Club Show Team is open to kids who are members of our After-School Riding Program.  All ages are welcome and riders need to be able to confidently walk and trot.  We will grow from there!  We attend the Maryland Open Horse Show Series held at Schooley Mill Park in Howard County.  Visiting    http://www.mohssinfo.com/  will introduce you to what this series is all about.  See Coach Karen if you are interested in joining the Team.

SC Show Team Schooley Mill Oct 12



Adult Show Team is open to all Woodland adult riders, and again, all you need to participate is a willingness to try and to be comfortable at the walk and trot.  We will progress from there.  This team goes to the Columbia Horse Center Hunter/Jumper Schooling Shows.  See Coaches Ashley and Katy for all the info!


Adult Dressage Team is for our adults interested in Dressage.  Remember, all you need is to be able to walk and trot.  You will move up the Training Pyramid with Ashley’s coaching and support!  The team goes to PVDA shows.  More info at   http://www.pvda.org


Drill Team is for our adult riders.  An equestrian drill team is a group of horses and riders performing choreographed maneuvers to music. It is a ton of fun!!  We do not show as there are no competitions in our area but we do perform at our in-house shows and area events like the Montgomery County Ag Fair.  See Coach Karen for more info. 

drill team1


Just Jump It: Going for Gold

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Just Jump It, Go!

A group of volunteers zigzagged through the arena, dragging standards and carrying poles to be decorated with streamers, flags, and even a Charmander for Woodland’s second installment of the Just Jump It series. Thunder rolled ominously overhead just as they put the finishing touches on the last fences and the sky darkened. After comparing a dozen weather forecasts they decided to go ahead with the show and hope the rain held off.

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Just Jump It Series: Leaping Into Summer

On July 9, as the last lessons of the day ended and the simmering summer sun dipped behind the clouds a crowd of riders and spectators gathered around the big ring. Volunteers had worked hard to transform the lesson space into a neat course of multicolored poles and standards for the first installment of Woodland’s annual Just Jump It series.

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