Meet Jigsaw!

Also known as “Jiggy”!

This lovely gelding has not been with us very long but as we get to know him he shows us what a sweet gentleman he is.

Recently he has been used in the higher level English and Western lessons and his riders just love him.

So…down the line…if you are lucky enough to be assigned Jigsaw…have FUN!!  You will find him in the “Official Greeter” position in the barn.  That’s the first one on the right!  Stop by and say “HAY”!!

Oh, What a Time We Had!!

Our Annual Holiday Staff Party was last night!!

We had a grand time and big thanks to Katy, Ashley, Sam and Richard for turning our lounge into a very festive place.  So Christmas-y and smelled good too!  The food was delicious and plentiful for all us hard-working folks.


After dinner Katy had some wonderful words to share about her staff.  Big props to a great crew of people working in the same direction with our students and horses always coming first.  Thanks Katy!!

Then the Shenanigans began…

Like any Holiday Party there are games!  The first was a game by Ashley.  We were to draw a Christmas scene on a paper plate…held on top of your head!  Hysterical results and our winner was Jessica!

Then we had our Ugly Christmas Sweater contest with Ashley bringing home the prize!


Next was guess the number of horse treats in the large and heavy container…Jessica wins again!!

For those who have been playing the “Name the Flavor” French Meringues Game with Karen on Facebook, we had a mystery flavor contest.  Everyone tried the mystery meringue and put in their guess.  The winner was Kat and the flavor was Champagne!!  Kat won a basket of all twelve flavors Karen made for the holiday party as take home presents!


And then the Musical Chairs!!  Oh my…what a friendly but competitive gang!  So much fun to watch everyone’s “technique!  Check out the video that I will put on our Facebook page here in a minute.  We had two rounds.  Round One was won by Julie and Round Two was won by Elsa!  Well done and no injuries!!


It was a delightful night spending time with a great bunch of people!! XO!!

Here are some pics from our Holiday Photo Booth.

Mike and Sam
Kat, Karen & Ashley
Ashley, Liza, Erica & Cara
Kat, Liza, Erica (I think), Ashley, Karen & Cara
Ashley & Katy
Elissa & Julie

We wish you ALL a very happy Holiday Season full of great friends, delicious food and wonderful times!!


Beyond the Bridle: Meet Bruno

This little guy is 13 years old and came to Woodland in 2008.  He reminds us of a fuzzy sweet potato dressed as a pony. Adorable!!

He is a chestnut pony standing about 13 hands high.  He is the perfect size to help our younger riders feel more comfortable with the size and movements of horses and ponies.  He is not intimidating in his stall.  Quite friendly as a matter of fact.  He is happy to let new riders learn to groom and tack.  Maybe not the best choice to learn how to bridle as he can move his head around to test your “try”.  Our best guess is he was foaled in 2004.

Bruno knows his job.

bruno5 He is a great choice for kids and smaller adults.  Bruno loves to see what you are made of and will test you to see if you can keep him pointed the direction YOU want to go.  Otherwise he may bring you to your instructor, just for fun!

Just so you know…he loves to canter rather than trot…sometimes!

When it comes to Summer Camp, Bruno is an amazing guy because he keeps his sense of humor with kids who are new to riding.  We can all make mistakes but Bruno will not hold it against you!

Even though he is small in stature don’t be fooled.  He is a spectaular jumper and loves to help new riders build their skill and confidence.


Bruno “Stories”

Sheena Patel, one of our students who has graduated from college and is working with the Teton Raptor Center in Wyoming, has always loved Bruno.  She shared this amuzing story about Bruno with me over the weekend.

“One time I took him to a jumper show at Frying Pan Park with a bunch of other people and we decided to go school the cross country course there after the show was over. So Bruno being the tiniest and not most frequently taken out in the field on a cross country course pony, got really excited. I think it was his first time jumping over a ditch so someone was taking a video and even though it was a pretty small ditch to jump he went over it at and completely tucked his head in between his legs and opened his eyes really big! It was such a funny moment because you could tell in midair over the jump that he all of a sudden decided he was unsure if he wanted to jump over it our not but that it was too late for him to back out. Now he jumps ditches, no problem!”

Such a good boy!!

Bruno w rider

Remember…even though our horses and ponies are well-behaved and very talented, they are still horses and ponies.  They can have a bad day and also be influenced by unexpected things.  They are reactionary critters!