Behind the Bridle: Let’s Meet Jack

A true diamond!  Jack, a.k.a. Jack O’Lantern, came to us in October of 2017.  He was a little thin and a little green but we could all see there was a special horse in there.  His personality is gentle, kind, willing and patient.  He is a 15.3 hand Chestnut gelding of unknown history from auction.  That’s where most of our horses come from, by the way :))

He is loved by many of our students, both children and adults.  In lessons he takes good care of his rider as mistakes made are not upsetting to him.  Lately, he and Emma have been showing Introductory Level dressage and taking the world by storm.  Last weeks scores were in the 70’s!!  Time to move up!!


Emma and Jack made an almost instant connection and have been enjoying each others company…a lot!!  More on that later!!

I just want to say that horse at auction are there for many reasons and fortunately our fearless leader, Mike Smith, has an eye for finding those good horses and bringing them to us to enjoy and fall in love with.  Well done Mike!!

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