Pony Pals Camp @ Woodland

Our Pony Pals Camp is for all horse-crazy kids age 5-7!  One week camp sessions are full of:

  • riding lessons where the kids learn to walk, halt, trot and more for returning campers
  • horsemanship lessons where the kids learn all about the care of horses and ponies
  • un-mounted games where we learn what the horse is feeling when we ride them
  • afternoon lessons to include Western lessons, bareback lessons and mounted games
  • traditional Pizza Day
  • Water Wednesday is for learning to bathe a pony plus un-mounted water games in the afternoon

We have improved our program to include more afternoon riding time and our games and un-mounted times will be all horsemanship related.

For parents we know how you would love to be there to watch our kids learning to ride.  We will be posting on our Facebook page daily albums where we will post pics of our daily activities so you can “check in”.

So, who is running the camp and keeping the kids safe and happy?  Here is your team!!

Karen Parker is your Pony Pals Camp Director and her responsibilities include making sure all is running smoothly, keeping parents connected via Facebook, teaching horsemanship lessons and more.  Karen can’t wait to meet the kids!  She has been riding at Woodland since 2001 and has been teaching since 2003…and loves it!!

Kathryn Motley is your Pony Pals Camp Instructor and excels at teaching young children.  She has a kind, positive style kids really respond to.  Kathryn looks forward to helping the kids learn to ride!  She has been riding at Woodland since she was 6 years old.

Our wonderful CIT’s (Councelors-in-Training) help Karen and Kathryn teach and help care for the ponies we ride for camp.  We love our CIT’s!!

We all work together to make horseback riding “Dreams Come True”!


So how do you sign up?  Just send in your registration forms and Katy Espinoza, our Camp Registrar, will send you an email confirmation.  A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot(s).  Fax the forms to 301-421-9049 or email to woodland16301@verizon.net.

The camp cost is $450 per week.

For more info and all signup needs please visit us at http://www.woodlandhorse.com/ponypalscamp.html

We are looking forward to meeting you and the kids!!


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