Mud, Mud and more MUD!

Our horses seem to love having a good roll in the mud.

It make it harder for us to keep them groomed and pretty but we equestrians don’t seem to mind…too much!


So why do horse like getting muddy?

There are many reasons but one of them is just the pure fun of doing it.

Social Component

If you have ever watched horses roll and play in mud you will see the joy in their faces.  They will try and encourage their turnout mates to join the fun.  Horses are social creatures and rolling in whatever they can find is a big part of their social routine.

Skin/Coat Care

Our horses skin and coat need maintenance.  There are all sorts of skin issues that rolling in the mud and dirt help with.  Insect are part of our horses daily life.  Rolling in mud and dirt help keep the bugs off of them and also give a good scratch to area that to bugs have nibbled.  Also, as the mud dries it helps keep their skin dry and healthy.

Air Conditioning

The cooling action of the drying mud helps cool our horses.  These days where it is warm then cold then warm are challenging.  Rolling in mud then letting it dry helps regulate their temperature.

Time to ride!?

So, you have come to the barn to discover your gorgeous horse had rolled and is encased in a cocoon of mud and crud.  We do our best to get them clean and here is why we all do any extra good job.

It is amazing how our horses can damage themselves in turnout and when they are encased in mud it is easy to miss an injury.  It is our job (and pleasure) to inspect and clean every square inch of our horse before we ride, graze, mess with our horses.  They can’t always tell us what is bothering them so we have to find it.

If we miss an open boo-boo and do not get it clean and treated then big problems can develop.  Fungus and infection can come on quickly and you must get ahead of it right away.  Remember…your horse is depending on YOU!

So go on and get in there.  Get your horse super-clean.  Make sure they are in good shape.  Treat anything you see because too much care is better than not enough.

Remember…we are part of your horses social network too and they enjoy having a good grooming and spending good quality bonding time with you too!


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