And the Holiday Parties were Fabulous!!

What a bunch of party animals we are!!


The holidays were a great time to get together and spend some time catching up with each other!  Our Students, Teams and Staff were no exception!

the team1

the team2

The Saddle Club Show Team party was held at Karen & Bryan’s house.  Pot Luck dinner followed by a hilarious White Elephant Gift Exchange was a blast!  We even got a new team mascot!  Meet Woody the Giraffe!

team mascot woody

Our Staff Party was a ton of fun with the most hysterical round of Musical Chairs I have ever seen!


The Meringue Fairy arrived too!!


Our Barn Decorating Party was wonderful and the Drill Performance was very exciting!

IMG_0723  IMG_0741  IMG_0746IMG_0750

The “Drill Bits” Adult Drill Team party was wonderful and held at Karen & Bryan’s house.  Lots of food, drinks and more silly gift exchanges that night too!

team 2017

See you all at next years parties!!

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