Bruno’s Happy Holiday

As most of you know, Bruno was voted 2017 School Horse of the Year by our Woodland family.  He has been enjoying some quality time off.  Lots of grooming, loving and Mother Nature has improved her attitude and sent us weather so Bruno can go outside and play as much as he wants.

Today Bruno received a special gift from the great gals at Anytime Tack.

He was given an Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball and boy has he been having an excellent time with his treat.  Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball is the perfect stall treat for your horse! Bruno will spend hours trying to lick and grab this entertaining and delicious ball made of corn, oats and some sugar.


Bruno is not always the bravest horse so we introduced his treat to him carefully.  He had no problem and instantly fell in love with his stall entertainmnet system :))

I went into his stall about 30 minutes after the ball was hung and he had been having so much fun with it!  His head was wet and sticky from playing and he was smiling from ear to ear.


Bruno says, “Thanks everybody for my treat!  Especially Anna from Anytime Tack and Uncle Jimmy.  You guys are the best!!”

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