2018 Horseback Riding Goals

Our students share their goals, wishes & thoughts for the upcoming year!!

Learning to ride is an extremely challenging endeavor.   If you have every taken a lesson you know this is true!  You are sitting on a 1,000+ pound animal with thoughts and feelings of his/her own.  There are bound to be times when you feel extra “challenged”.

Your instructor has taught you to recognize the small victories and build upon them.

I asked a number of our riders about goals for the upcoming year.  Interesting and perceptive answers…

Devon Crawford, one of our newer Western students, shares her thoughts.  “As an adult returning to riding after many years, my 2018 goals are to reconnect with my inner child (and her love for horses) and to continue moving forward. I don’t want to push myself dangerously fast, but I also don’t want to stagnate. I would like to feel like I am improving at all times, whatever the pace may be. Maybe I will also try entering a Woodland show for the first time to get back into the feel of competition!”  A great approach if you asked me!!


Faye Griffith, a Western student who has been with me for many years said, “My goals for this year are to master getting the correct lead and to become proficient with the canter. Also, working to ride with legs and seat not relying so much on reins.”  I really like Fayes thinking as she know herself and her comfort level very well.  Having straight forward, fundimental goals gives you a very clear target.  You will get it Faye!!

Gegi Leeger, one of our English riders who just bought her first horse says, “My 2018 (yikes!!) is to establish a deep connection with my horse both while riding and on the ground. And to have more fun with all my barn friends, especially the Drill team ladies!”  Gegi is on track, if you ask me, as establishing a bond with your horse is key to the relationship.  And we all know the friendships developed at Woodland are forever and what make us so special…in my opinion!!  :))

Gegi n bentley

Whatever your goal(s), having a plan and a point to work toward will help you get where you want to go.  Sometimes it is a big thing, sometimes it is the little victories.  Whatever works for you…Go for IT!!

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