Saddle Club: Too Cold to Ride?

It may be but there is still lots to learn!!

This past Friday was a super cold day and the footing was too hard and the air temperatures too low to be safe for any living creature.  So what do we do for our Saddle Clubbers?

Saddle Club’s goal it to teach our members to be the most well-rounded equestrains they can be.  Learning to ride is immense fun but there is so much more to this sport.

On days where it is too cold or too hot to ride we work on our horsemanship skills.  Many of our members have horse ownership as a long-term goal.  Friday we reviewed all the saddle and bridle parts…then…we had them take their saddles and bridles apart or as apart as they come.  We cleaned our tack.  I mean really cleaned them!  Then the hard part came.  Putting their bridle back together.  There are so many bits and pieces, so to speak, that putting a bridle together can be really challenging.



Were the gals up for the challenge?  Yes, there were!!

The first time I put a bridle together I made every mistake possible, I think.  They can be VERY confusing!!  Evelyn, Casey, Sophia, Izzy and Kennedy did a great job.  Only a couple of small mistakes!!  The gals learned a lot!!



So why is this knowledge important?  You may not know this but when you buy a bridle it does not come assembled nor does it have a bit.  Your local tack shop may help you if you purchased the bridle and bit locally but if you order online, you are on your own.

Also, if you put your bridle on your horse and it is incorrectly assembled it could interfere with your communication.  It could also be uncomfortable for the horse.  That is never good as the horse can tell us in many way that something is incorrect.


So, cold or hot or perfect weather…there is always something new to learn. 

Good job girls!!



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