Reindeer Games @ Woodland

A festive night for our riders of all ages!

Reindeer Games are a great excuse to come ride and forget about the pressures of the upcoming Holidays.  Or as my husband calls them…”The Holler-Days”!  If you are a level 2 or up these games are for YOU!!

We played a number of games this past Saturday night to include Merry Musical Cones which is a mounted version of Musical Chairs and a whole lotta fun!!  We also play Sharks and Minnows just because it is so much fun and nobody gets eliminated!  We finish with the Comet’s Command Class which is an elimination game where riders have a certain period of time to execute a specific command.  Like Simon Says but on horseback!  Our participants were Jen & Malcolm, Hadley & Sochi, Ingrid & Rocket, Lily & Cher, Bryan & Peso, Kat & Carl and Evelyn & Jack!

Enjoy the pictures of all the fun and…nobody came off!!  Ho-Ho-Ho!!

All dressed up!
Evelyn and Jack…a fabulous pair!
Hadley & Sochi had too much fun and took out Mom playing Sharks and Minnows!
Bryan & Peso doing their thing!
Lily feeling fuzzy on Cher 😉
Giggling all the way!


Malcolm sharing his Holiday Thoughts!!

Happy Holidays to ALL!!

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