Behind the Bridle: Bandit

Rina & Bandit 2009

If you know him you gotta LOVE him!!

Bandit is one of those unassuming ponies of unknown origin but boy are we happy to have him with us!  He has quietly taught so many children and smaller adults the ins and outs of becoming an equestrian.

He stands about 14 hands high on a good day.  He is a chestnut colored Spanish Mustang.  He came to us in 2009 and he is well-aged…we aren’t telling!  He is a little shy but will trust you.  Just rest your hand on his shoulder to say all is fine and you are on your way to being a “Bandit-Lover”.

Ashley Christian was there the afternoon he came off the trailer and tells us about his famous arrival.  “When Mike unloaded him he was this little guy who didn’t look like he was spunky, at all!  Well…we learned quickly he is an escape artist.  Bandit was being taken to the round pen and then he suddenly took off and had a big run around the farm.  Checking out his new home!  He was eventually caught and from that day on we have been extra careful he is fully in his stall before we let go of him.”  What a character!!

Rina Levy is one of our original “Saddle Club” members and has love Bandit from the moment I assigned him to her those many years ago.  He has taught her to ride and to jump with confidence!!  Rina shares her thoughts about Bandit, “I learned everything on Bandit after coming to WHC in the 2nd grade. He was the first horse I ever jumped with, trailed with, and I rode him in my first ever show (WHC in house, I think Memorial Day). I rode him in 2 camp drills and countless lessons. Every time I have a student on him, they laugh when I tell stories of slow poke Bandit taking off with me in Saddle Club. He really does have a secret gas pedal! I rode him again in the instructor’s command class last year and we pulled a 3rd out of 12! Gallop to halt transitions, counter canter, halts with no hands- he does it all without complaint. I remember one quick transition, he came down from the gallop so fast my saddle was on his neck! I will forever thank this horse for teaching me the ropes and letting me love him to pieces, even 8 years later!”

Bandit Rina1
Rina & Bandit 2017

Bandit is a Rock Star beyond all compare.  He challenges you but with a kind heart.  He rewards you when you get it right.  He loves you back by being the best little man out there.  He may not look it from the outside but he is a spectaculer gem!!

Why are my eyes wet?  Sniff…

Remember…even though our horses and ponies are well-behaved and very talented, they are still horses and ponies. They can have a bad day and also be influenced by unexpected things. They are reactionary critters!

One thought on “Behind the Bridle: Bandit

  1. I’ll never forget how Bandit, after clinics in Trail Class this past summer finally, with me riding him, stepped into an empty child’s wading pool! Those who know Bandit know he usually doesn’t take to this, but we wowed everyone on the day of the competition!

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