Beyond the Bridle: Meet Munchkin

She is a Diamond!

There is no doubt she is an absolute gem!!  Munchkin is one of those great school horses that goes along doing her job without much muss or fuss.  She came to us in 2010 and is about 16 years old.  She stands about 13 hands high and she is a Strawberry  Roan Pony.

munchkin zoe2

She can be used in lower level classes as she is patient most of the time, remember she is a petite mare, but she excels in the higher level classes as she loves to jump.  Zoe Purser has been in love with this little gal for quite a while.  They have been showing for the last few years in both In-House shows and local Hunter/Jumper shows and in area Dressage competitions to include the PVDA Young Riders Summer Series.  Munchkin is always in the ribbons!!


Zoe shares a funny story about Munchkin from the PVDA Young Riders Series from last summer.  “Munch and I were at Young Riders, a 3 Day dressage competition in Virginia. We arrived a day before the first day of competition, June 15th. We unloaded, decorated, and let all the horses settle into their temporary stalls. Shortly after that, we all tacked and went out for a schooling ride so the horses could stretch their legs and get used to the new area. We had a great schooling ride, and when we came back to the barn, Munchkin decided she was hungry. When we walked into one of the side doors of the barn, she locked her eyes on a hay bale from a barn that WASN’T ours. I was leading her in, and out of no where, she snaps down and takes a big bite out of the hay! The hay was still tied so she threw it up, smacked me in the side with it, and shook it around to get some loose. I wobbled but luckily didn’t fall, or she would have been in loads of trouble!”

Zoe and Munchkin had a wonderful competition but you aren’t done til you have made it home.  Zoe’s story was not over…

“Then on the way back 2 days later, we got a flat tire on the truck. We pulled into a 7-11 to see what was wrong, so we all peeked in the trailer to check on our horses. When I look in, I see that Munch’s lead rope was no longer tied to the twine, it was dangling off of it, the knot I tied no where to be found. Roxi had untied her! She is an incredibly smart and funny horse, and she’s so so special.”

What a pair!!  And…Munchkin looks great in pink!!

If you are assigned Munchkin you are in for an excellent time and it means you are making great progress!!

munchkin zoe3

What a sweet, talented gal!!

Remember…even though our horses and ponies are well-behaved and very talented, they are still horses and ponies. They can have a bad day and also be influenced by unexpected things. They are reactionary critters!

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