School Horses: Worth More than their Weight in Gold!


School Horses are very special creatures!  They have different people riding them all the time, many of them beginners, using all slightly different aids because they are just learning them.  It’s easy for a horse to get confused under such circumstances.

Generally, if school horses get confused, they will slow down or stop altogether.  You might think they’re comatose!  But this is one of the reasons they were selected to be school horses.  Other horses that get confused might do the opposite: take off or go crazy.  School horses  may tend to be slower and less responsive, but they’re also tolerant and forgiving.  You might get frustrated riding them, but it’s better to be frustrated than fractured.  So, always give school horses the gratitude and respect they deserve.

Bridgit-headAt Woodland we have a school horses to match every personality and comfort level.  Beginner riders need a horse or pony that will be tolerant of the mistakes we make while learning.  Then we can move up to more enthusiastic horses as we become more knowledgeable and confident in our skills.  This is a really fun time as we can ride more horses in more interesting places, like in the field or out on the trail.  Such fun!!

When you come to Woodland to learn to ride you will see lots of school horses but also privately owned horse.  Did you know that every privately owned horse here was at one time a school horse?  One of our riders decided this was the horse for them and made him/her their own.  Buying a school horse is a great way to find just the right horse or pony for you because they are typically kind and patient.  You also know their history and skill set.

Many of our former school horses have gone onto be superbly talented event horses, dressage horses, show jumpers and even volunteer mounted police horses!  Many are happy to be your best friend in the ring or on the trails.

So when you meet your first school horse, remember he is there to help you learn and to help make your horse dreams come true!!

dressage1  Tess Matagliati  Flint Karen Vacation 2014

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