Just Jump It Series: Leaping Into Summer

On July 9, as the last lessons of the day ended and the simmering summer sun dipped behind the clouds a crowd of riders and spectators gathered around the big ring. Volunteers had worked hard to transform the lesson space into a neat course of multicolored poles and standards for the first installment of Woodland’s annual Just Jump It series.

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A message from a Dad: My daughter’s horseback riding lessons


My daughter Liz has always had an interest or maybe an obsession with horses. After cleaning out the state’s toy stores of anything to do with horses, and I mean anything, including little tiny pitch forks to go along with an entire scale model horse barn, I thought after a few lessons she would grow out of this obsession.

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Summer Heat & Humidty: Let’s Help our Horses!


We all feel we will recognize the signs of heat stress in our horses.  As horse people, we pay a lot of attention to the “good common sense” things we can do to help alleviate problems.  However, there are some other do’s and dont’s to help our horses thru these hot and humid times.

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School Horses: Worth More than their Weight in Gold!


School Horses are very special creatures!  They have different people riding them all the time, many of them beginners, using all slightly different aids because they are just learning them.  It’s easy for a horse to get confused under such circumstances.

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Staying Fit for your Ride

For any age rider, long days at the barn full of chores and a challenging lesson can leave muscles sore for days. While nothing conditions us better for time in the saddle than riding there are things you can do outside of the barn to improve stamina, strength and balance while in the saddle and stay in tip-top shape between rides (and for shlepping saddles!)

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Change up your workout…find muscles you didn’t know you had!


Have you ever heard someone say that horseback riding is easy because the horse does all the work? Ask any rider and they will say, “Not true!!” If you learn to ride a horse you will find and engage muscles you never knew you had.
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